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Common LinkedIn Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Do you have a profile on LinkedIn? If you don’t, you should - and even if you do, you should pay attention to these common [...]

6 Ways Leaders Earn Their Teammates Respect

Have you often wondered how leaders earn the respect of their team?  Whether you are a new leader or working towards becoming a leader, this [...]

Project Management Interview Tips

Your construction project manager is one of the most important and valued assets in your business.  This manager will oversee projects and make vital business [...]

Tips on Writing a Resume for the Construction Industry

Gone are the days when you could just “show up” at a construction site and get work.  Today, many companies are requiring all construction workers [...]

Tips on Hiring the Perfect Construction Project Manager

Whether you are looking to expand your business or have a new project that will require a project manager, it is important that you find [...]

Why do I Need a Construction Manager?

No matter the size of your construction business, hiring a construction manager may be the best move you can make.  Thousands of construction companies ask [...]

How Construction Managers Improve Productivity

On a construction job, we take pride in how many things we can get done at once. Safety professionals panic when we share this dirty [...]

Big Data

“Big Data” is the current trend and companies are repeatedly reminded that they ignore the storage and analysis of vast amounts of information at their [...]

A Mistake that is Costing you Talent

A well written job posting is the first step to attracting talent. The last time you posted a construction job, did you go to the [...]

Top 5 Steps to Attract the Better Talent Online

It should come as no surprise that a website can be the most important tool in attracting highly qualified talent. An organization’s website can make [...]

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