6 Ways Leaders Earn Their Teammates Respect

Have you often wondered how leaders earn the respect of their team?  Whether you are a new leader or working towards becoming a leader, this question will cross your mind at least once or twice.  Your ability to earn the respect of your colleagues and staff is within your reach.  When asked, recent retired leaders gave the following ways leaders can earn their teammates respect:

  • Consistency – Anthony Robbins said it best, “it’s not what you do once in a while that shapes our lives.  It’s what we do consistently.”  This is true in your work life as well.  Your teammates will pay attention to what you say and what you do – make sure they are the same!
  • Punctuality – being late conveys a disregard for the other person’s time and needs.  You must be on time, every time.  If you are running late, show some courtesy and alert the others.  Time is everyone’s most valuable commodity – being punctual shows respect for the other person and you will get the same in return.
  • Communicate – it is often said, “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  George Bernard Shaw could not have been more accurate in this statement!  With so many ways to communicate today, it is important that when you do, you say something.  Learn to communicate effectively, both written and verbally.
  • Attentive – pay attention, listen and care about your teammates.  When others are asked what makes someone a great leader, attentiveness is top of the list.  People want to know that you pay attention to them and their lives, that you listen when they come to you about a problem, and that you care enough to give them your undivided attention.
  • Teach – pass on your knowledge to others.  When you show you are willing to teach and train others, you will earn their respect.  Education is the cornerstone to making great leaders.  Just as with children, your teammates will watch and emulate what you do – you should always be in the teaching mode.
  • Respect – if you want respect, you must give respect.  So many attributes go into respect, but learning to respect another’s opinion is key.  You have teammates for a reason – they are there because of their expertise.  Respect it!  Learn to listen to all options before making a decision.  Your way may not be the best way.

Leaders understand that earning the respect of those around them is important.  It is thought that great leaders can overcome any obstacle because they have great teammates around them.  Do not fall victim to the leadership vacuum.  Instead follow these helpful tips above to become the best leader you can.  You will not only gain the respect of your teammates, but you will have great success with them behind your 100%!

Copyright: scottff72 / 123RF Stock Photo