A well written job posting is the first step to attracting talent. The last time you posted a construction job, did you go to the file, grab the project manager job description and put it up on your website? Did that description spend a lot of time outlining the company’s history, prestige, benefits, etc.? Were the responses the resumes you expected to see? As an HR Manager and Construction Recruiter, I have posted a “few” construction jobs over the years. Let me share with you the three keys to writing a successful construction job description.

3 Keys to Writing a Successful Job Description

  1. Attract Talent, not Investors. The posting should target the candidate with the specifics of the job, not the prestige of the company. Get specific with the qualities you are seeking in a candidate. Long, drawn out posting that outline the company’s history and minimal qualifications don’t define the opportunity. By defining the real job, you allow candidates to understand what is expected. 
  1. Hit the High Notes. Define what success looks like in the opportunity, not the candidate. Clear expectations attract the best talent for your specific opportunity. Do this by articulating concise success factors, such as “in three months you will develop relationships with 5 new clients” or “in sixty days you will identify 3 accounting software packages and present these to the management team.”
  1. Don’t Cover your “Flaws”. Often the best builders are attracted by the biggest challenges – highlight them! In the construction industry, there are many who enjoy traveling or prefer more complex projects or demanding workloads. Instead of hiding these perceived flaws, put them front and center. By hiding these you exclude the very people you are looking to attract.

Clear, concise, success driven job postings are the keys to matching the best talent to your position.