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The Benefits of an Apprenticeship

For several years, many thought the apprenticeship was dead.  No longer a valuable learning tool for those looking to get into, or advance in the [...]

Technology, Analytics, and the Construction Industry

The construction industry is still growing by leaps and bounds, compared to several years ago.  Unfortunately, many in the industry are having trouble staying current [...]

How to turn negative feedback into a positive

At some point in your career, you will receive some negative feedback, but how will you handle it?  Will you accept it and make changes?  [...]

Working with low motivated employees

Employers are constantly looking for motivated and engaged employees.  The problem with this is, most employees are not that motivated or engaged in their job.  [...]

Working with a Recruiter

You have made the decision to work with a recruiter, but what does that really mean?  For those working with a recruiter for the first [...]

The High Tech Construction Site

As our world becomes more technology savvy, it only stands to reason that technology would push its way into construction.  The advancements in technology for [...]

The New Trend in Hiring – Highly Trained Construction Employees

While there is still a need for hiring well-trained construction personnel, it seems that the trend is shifting to hiring highly-skilled or trained construction employees.  [...]

Construction Worker Safety Tips You Must Know

Construction worker safety falls on more than just the individual worker, it is the responsibility of everyone involved with the construction site – the construction [...]

Interviewing a Construction Manager

Companies looking for a construction manager, typically are looking for a well-balanced and experienced individual.  The difficult part about hiring the perfect construction manager, is [...]

Where is the Construction Industry Today?

The construction industry seems to be on a steady climb from the recent downfall over the last several years, however, because of the sluggish industry [...]

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