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How to Increase Retention and Show Value to Employees

We all know how costly the hiring process can be.  Finding, hiring, and keeping qualified talent is a long process, that takes a huge financial [...]

Do Not Sabotage Your Job Search

Your everyday actions may be sabotaging your job search, and preventing you from obtaining the job of your dreams.  The job market is competitive, and [...]

How Top Talent Can Help Your Business

Hiring top talent or A-type talent in the construction industry may seem hard, however, the benefits of having these talented individuals on your team can [...]

Skills You Need in the Construction Industry

Do you like working with your hands?  Maybe the thought of building something out of nothing excites you!  People that are creative, like to work [...]

Hiring Considerations for the Construction Industry

As the available construction talent pool continues to shrink, more and more businesses are looking for ways to attract and retain top talent.  This may [...]

The Secret to Developing Your Workers

As more and more construction companies struggle to find good construction workers, many are learning the secret to developing workers from within their already existent [...]

Resume Fixes You Need

Do you seem to get passed over for job after job?  When did you design your resume, last week, 10 years ago?  The fact [...]

Types of Pre-Employment Checks and What they mean to you

As you begin searching for your new job, you prepare your resume, your interview skills, and even research companies you want to work for.  But, [...]

Tips on Finding and Hiring Construction Workers

Ask any experienced construction company hiring manager, or foreman how they find and keep good crews, and they will all tell you one thing – [...]

The Best Interview Questions to Ask

Businesses today still struggle with finding the best employees.  When asked, they often blame the interview process for their costly turnover rates, and constantly look [...]

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