You might think that the branding of your construction company really only matters when it comes to potential clients. However, your company image and how you present yourself are also essential when it comes to hiring. Current and potential employees pay attention to things like your company’s presentation, reputation, and messaging. This can have a significant impact on both hiring and retention, which means that it can also have a significant impact on costs and savings.

This article will discuss critical elements of employer and company branding and why this should absolutely be a part of your recruitment strategy if it is not already.

Clean, Distinct Branding

I will go right ahead and state the obvious: when a company’s brand (e.g., its logo, website, messaging, social media channels, etc.) looks polished, people will assume that it is more reputable, and they are more likely to take the company seriously.

When the brand is distinct – which is to say that you get an immediate impression of the company’s values and what it stands for – individuals are far more likely to feel like they can see themselves working there. People are also much more likely to remember the company; for example, when they see a job position, they will recall their positive first impression of the brand and are more inclined to apply. For these reasons, with clean and distinct branding, you are more likely to receive more qualified applicants.

Positive Reviews and a Good Reputation

I do not have to tell you how important a good reputation is. But it is not enough to have a good reputation; you also need to be promoting it so that it actually reaches the eyes and ears of potential employees. This could mean including customer reviews on your company website and having a solid presence on a corporate review site like Glassdoor.

Another great benefit of having a solid reputation? Studies have shown that individuals are willing to accept lower starting salaries if they feel like it is a “safe bet” instead of working for a company without an evident reputation or negative one. Companies with good reputations also enjoy lower turnover and higher retention rates.

Active on Social Media

This one really depends on your particular audience of prospective employees. For a construction company, you will want to be thoughtful about the channels you are active on to most effectively reach your audience of both clients and talent. This could be LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Staying active on social media can help solidify your status as a thought leader in your industry. It is also an excellent way to stay top of mind with your current employees, meaning they will be less likely to leave for a competitor, boosting retention rates.


Photo by Patrik Michalicka on Unsplash