How to Make Resolutions You Actually Keep

The year is quickly coming to a close. For many people – especially those who own a business or manage a team – the last month [...]

Independent Contractors vs. Employees: Know the Difference

Misclassifying employees as independent contractors is something that happens in virtually every industry – and the construction industry is no exception. In fact, some studies estimate [...]

The Changing Construction Industry

Out of all the American job industries, construction is evolving rapidly. Not only are there fewer jobs than ever, but there are even fewer workers [...]

Three Major Benefits to Job Hopping

A couple generations ago, employees were pretty much expected to stay with the same company for the duration of their career. It was largely unheard [...]

3 Steps to Take When You Are Ready for a Career Change

There will time a time in essentially everyone’s career when they realize they are ready to take their next professional step. If you want to [...]

Effectively Motivate Your Team, Throughout a Project

You can have the strongest, most competent team in the world – where every member has the right educational background and experience. But none of [...]

A Successful Company Starts with Strong Leadership

You could have hired all the best entry and mid-level employees, each of whom have excellent experience and credentials. Unfortunately, if you do not have strong [...]

The Questions to Ask During Stay Interviews

One of the greatest ways that a company can positively impact its bottom line is to make the necessary efforts to increase retention rate. The [...]

Are You Ready for Summer? Keep Productivity High Without Burning Out 

It is that time of year again. Time for family reunions, backyard cookouts, destination weddings, and impromptu trips to the beach. But while that means [...]

Resume Tips for New Grads: Don’t Make These 3 Common Mistakes

You might not have a lot of professional experience under your belt, but that does not mean that your resume should look amateur. There are [...]

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