Have You Tried Campus Recruiting to Fill Your Open Construction Positions?

The construction industry has been dealing with talent shortages for a while. Now that many projects are back on schedule, companies are wondering how they [...]

4 Creative Ways to Find Talent in the Construction Industry

The skilled labor shortage plaguing the United States is nothing new – and certainly nothing new in the construction industry. Finding people with the right [...]

Do Not Lose a Good Candidate to a Counteroffer: Ask These Questions

You have had an open position in your construction company for what feels like forever. When you finally interview a candidate with the perfect combination [...]

Management Is Not Enough. Are You Displaying Leadership on the Job Site?

You have a manager on-site on every job, but do you have a leader? There is a difference between telling your employees what to do, [...]

Asking for a Raise or Promotion? Do Not Make These 3 Common Mistakes

The construction industry is not necessarily known for its high wages and advancement opportunities. However, you have put in the time, exceeded expectations, and you [...]

Project Management Lessons from Today’s Top Leaders

I do not have to tell you how critical project management is to the construction industry. On worksites where you are dealing with so many [...]

3 Ways to Manifest Positive Attitudes on the Job Site

It might sound like a cliché, but a positive attitude can make a world of difference, whether on a job site or in the office. [...]

How to Prepare for Your Interview During COVID

As more and more people get vaccinated, there is no doubt that business is starting to pick up again across the country. Companies and individuals [...]

3 Ways to Promote Health (and Safety) on the Worksite

When you hear about “health in the workplace,” most people think about staying active. You hear about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle – spending [...]

Why Workplace Culture Is So Important (Plus How to Build It)

Do you actually need to define things like workplace culture? Should you take time away from seemingly more important things like client retention or new [...]

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