Increase the Quality (Not Quantity) of Your Job Applicants

We have all heard the age-old saying, “quality over quantity.” And perhaps there is no time that this is more applicable than when it comes [...]

Competition Is Fierce: These Benefits Can Help You Attract & Retain Top Construction Talent

While many employees across the country are still out of work due to government restrictions surrounding the coronavirus, the construction industry is doing quite well. [...]

3 Reasons to Promote Instead of Hiring from the Outside

Across the country, industries are facing staffing issues as a result of the continued fallout from the global pandemic. Many construction jobs have been deemed [...]

Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Construction

Workplace diversity has been an ongoing conversation in the construction industry, which has only continued to heat up over recent years. To say that there [...]

How to Attract Talent in an Uncertain Environment

If we take a look at the construction industry as a whole, things appear to be on the up and up. Across the country, new [...]

Embrace Planning on Your Worksite, and Improve Its Productivity

There are about a million and one moving parts on construction projects. Not only do you need to plan for special permits ahead of time, [...]

Are You Making These Bidding Mistakes?

The past year has been difficult, to say the least. A lot of construction projects have been canceled or put on hold, as government regulations [...]

Planning for 2021? Ask These Three Questions

The past year has been incredibly uncertain, to put things lightly. Given the stress on the economy, a large number of layoffs, and lowered consumer [...]

Are You Making These Four Hiring Mistakes?

The hiring process is incredibly frustrating. In this article, we will be discussing the four most common mistakes and how you can avoid them. Mistake [...]

How Are You Addressing Your Employee Experience?

When you think about your “employee experience,” what comes to mind? Chances are you think about how well they are compensated, perhaps compared to others [...]

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