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How to Create Happy and Engaged Leaders

When the leaders of your construction company are disengaged, the entire team suffers. This not only increases turnover rate, but also negatively impacts company morale, [...]

Four Things to Consider When Facing a Shortage of Quality Applicants

Regardless of the economy, top talent is always in high demand. Many construction companies find that, even when there is a surplus of candidates, they [...]

Skills that Hiring Managers Want

Great hiring managers know that education and job-related skills are not necessarily the most important factors when hiring.  Engineers, medical professionals, or lawyers obviously need [...]

Writing a GREAT Job Posting

One of the biggest mistakes that construction companies make when it comes to job postings is not targeting to the prospective applicants. Know your audience! [...]

Traits of Your Next Great Hire

The process of finding your construction company’s next great hire can be overwhelming.  And the result can be the position staying unfilled for an extended [...]

When to Use a Recruiter When Job Searching

Seeking for a new position can feel like a full-time job. Hours can be spent each week reviewing job listings, updating cover letters, applying for [...]

5 Steps to Successfully Manage a Remote Team

When it comes to construction companies, most team members are required to work on-site. But for the finance, administration, marketing, and communication employees, many companies [...]

Recognizing When It is Time for a Career Move

Falling into the swing of an everyday routine is easy, even if things are less than ideal at work. Being on autopilot at work certainly [...]

Effects of Bad Hires in the Construction Industry

Making a bad hire decision can have far reaching and lasting effects on your construction company. Not only can their negatively influence the morale of [...]

What to Do Before Changing Jobs

Throughout your career there will be moments where you may feel like it is time for a change. But before you embark on a full-fledged [...]

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