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Why Text Apply Should Be Part of Your Construction Company’s Recruitment Strategy

Many companies are starting to consider text-to-apply apps as part of their recruitment process. Utilizing texting could be a perfect venue for construction companies, many [...]

Have You Tried Campus Recruiting to Fill Your Open Construction Positions?

The construction industry has been dealing with talent shortages for a while. Now that many projects are back on schedule, companies are wondering how they [...]

Moving on to a New Role? This Is How to Professionally Quit Your Job

Not every job works out – and that is okay. Sometimes it is for the best for all parties to respectfully part ways and move [...]

Is Your Construction Company Prepared for Climate Change?

When you are working on a construction site, you essentially always need to be considering the weather. Rain, water levels, drought, wind, storms, etc., can [...]

3 Reasons Why You Are Being Ghosted and What to Do About It

It is a scenario that unfortunately happens all too often in the hiring process. Everything seems to be going well. You feel great about the [...]

4 Creative Ways to Find Talent in the Construction Industry

The skilled labor shortage plaguing the United States is nothing new – and certainly nothing new in the construction industry. Finding people with the right [...]

Reasons Underlying the Construction Industry’s Labor Crisis

Across the country, industries are dealing with both high unemployment numbers and a labor shortage, specifically for low-wage and hourly positions. In fact, some studies [...]

Do Not Lose a Good Candidate to a Counteroffer: Ask These Questions

You have had an open position in your construction company for what feels like forever. When you finally interview a candidate with the perfect combination [...]

The Basics of Pre-Employment Assessments and Why You Should Be Conducting Them

You might think that something called “pre-employment assessments” is just for those in suits and ties sitting behind computers. But really, this is a tactic [...]

3 of the Biggest Distractions on Construction Sites (and How to Mitigate Them)

The vast majority of onsite construction accidents – some studies estimate up to 90% – are at least partly due to distraction and human error. [...]

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