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Does Your Company Actively Embrace Diversity?

When you think about construction as an industry, chances are “diversity” is not one of the first words that come to mind. This industry has [...]

How to Become a Positive Leader

All too often, individuals are promoted into leadership positions because they have proven themselves in roles while climbing up the corporate ladder. But the skills [...]

How to Spot a Dysfunctional Team in Your Company

There are multiple types of dysfunctional teams. These can be harder to spot when you are in the midst of a global pandemic and work [...]

How to Effectively Identify and Grow Hidden Talent in Your Company

Potential leaders in your organization will not always make themselves known. They may not always be the ones who have their hands up first, or [...]

Strategic Efforts to Help Your Company Have a Successful Q4

This year has been difficult (to say the very least). Many small businesses – across nearly every industry – have suffered from having to adhere to [...]

Mental, Emotional, and Physical Tips for Work-Life Balance

It is safe to say that your priorities have probably changed quite a bit since the start of the year. You may be working from [...]

Communication During a Global Pandemic

Chances are a lot has changed for you and your business over the past few months. One of these things should definitely be the way [...]

New to Working from Home? Do Not Make These Mistakes

A few months back, there were a lot of people who were excited to hear that they would be able to work from home. Sounds [...]

Strengthening Company Culture During a Global Pandemic

The pandemic has been challenging for businesses across industries. Companies have been forced to reevaluate corporate policies and procedures. In this way, corporate culture has [...]

Recognizing Opportunity and Top-Grading Your Talent

Across the country, companies are beginning to reopen after being fully closed or operating at more limited capacity during the 2020 global pandemic. Of course, [...]

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