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How an OSHA Citation Can Impact Your Company Over Time

On-site inspections essentially happen for four reasons. Besides a standard scheduled inspection, they will also follow a death that occurred on-site or a serious event [...]

Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Construction

Workplace diversity has been an ongoing conversation in the construction industry, which has only continued to heat up over recent years. To say that there [...]

How to Attract Talent in an Uncertain Environment

If we take a look at the construction industry as a whole, things appear to be on the up and up. Across the country, new [...]

Are Your Teams and Jobsites COVID Safety Compliant?

Like essentially every other organization across the country, OSHA has faced some unique challenges, thanks to the coronavirus. With social distancing in place and many [...]

How to Find (and Keep) Top Talent for Your Construction Company

One of the greatest costs for any company is hiring. This is especially true within the construction industry, where recruiting and staffing short term projects [...]

Is Your Construction Company Proactively Planning for Potential Worksite Shutdowns?

Depending on what news publications you read, the United States is at the height of its second or third wave of coronavirus. Death tolls are [...]

Programs that Can Support Your Team’s Wellbeing

The past year has been incredibly hard for workers across every industry. Worrying about a global pandemic is one thing, but it is particularly hard [...]

How the Construction Industry Can Attract and Retain Female Candidates

Some major cities have seen significant growth in the number of women who work in the construction industry – by some measures, of up to [...]

Embrace Planning on Your Worksite, and Improve Its Productivity

There are about a million and one moving parts on construction projects. Not only do you need to plan for special permits ahead of time, [...]

The 2021 Debate: Should Employers Require Employees to Get COVID-19 Vaccinations?

We are finally starting a new year. But the big topic of 2020 – the coronavirus – is far from being over. Today, many employers [...]

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