Revolutionizing Hiring Practices: AI and Automation in Construction Recruitment

In the fast-paced world of construction recruitment, embracing technological advancements is paramount to staying ahead of the curve. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are revolutionizing [...]

Tech Trends in Construction Hiring: Staying Ahead of the Curve

The construction industry, known for its robust and hands-on nature, is rapidly embracing technology to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. As a construction recruiter, staying ahead [...]

The Employee Promise

From a potential employee standpoint, the interview process is where they get a sense of what they can expect from taking a position with your [...]

Improve Your Employees’ Experience Before Day 1

The time between offer acceptance and a new employee’s first day on the job site or in the office is critical. How they feel about [...]

Manage Your Fears on the Jobsite – and Beyond

Often, it is not a lack of ability or inspiration that stands between us and success, but fear. This can be what keeps us from [...]

Discover Hidden Talent with the 80/20 Rule

If you find that your construction job openings are taking too long to fill, consider looking for a candidate who may not meet all of [...]

Are You Showing Enough Gratitude to Your Employees?

A simple “thank you” goes a long way, especially in the workplace environment, whether in the office or on the job site. Workplace recognition is [...]

Never Ask These Questions During the Hiring Process (Plus Alternatives)

Interviewing candidates can be a little bit like walking a tightrope; you want to make the individual feel comfortable and determine whether or not they [...]

Why Text Apply Should Be Part of Your Construction Company’s Recruitment Strategy

Many companies are starting to consider text-to-apply apps as part of their recruitment process. Utilizing texting could be a perfect venue for construction companies, many [...]

Moving on to a New Role? This Is How to Professionally Quit Your Job

Not every job works out – and that is okay. Sometimes it is for the best for all parties to respectfully part ways and move [...]

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