Is Your Company Ready to Return to Work? A COVID-19 Checklist

Over the past several weeks and months, companies across the country have begun to allow workers back into the office and onto job sites. However, [...]

How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview During Coronavirus

While a number of companies have issued hiring freezes, business is still booming for others. Many projects in the construction industry, for example, are still [...]

Keep Your Employees Healthy on the Job

While much of the country is in a standstill with the global pandemic, employees in many industries do not have the luxury of staying safely [...]

Promoting from Within? Take These Precautions

There are many benefits to promoting from within. First of all, you can save a lot of valuable time and resources. There is also more [...]

How to Get Through an On-Site Accident

When you work in the construction industry, accidents can unfortunately occur from time to time. Ideally, you will take the proper precautions to avoid any [...]

How to Recognize – And Appreciate – Your Employees

Every manager wants their team to thrive. This will increase both work efficiency and employee morale, which leads to higher retention rates saving both time [...]

With a Skilled Labor Shortage, How Can You Attract the Best?

Even if you are not experiencing it yourself, by now you are probably well aware that the construction industry is facing a skilled labor shortage. [...]

Should the Construction Industry Be Worried About a Recession?

There have been a growing number of whispers across the country about a potential recession in the next couple of years. Fueling this concern is [...]

Is the Construction Industry Doing Enough to Retain Women?

Construction is an industry that is predominantly represented by men. It is perhaps for this reason that many companies are way behind the times when [...]

3 Essential Productivity Hacks for the Construction Industry

For project-based work like construction, it is critical to be as productive as possible. As they say, time is money, and any inefficiencies can quickly [...]

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