Is Your Construction Company Prepared for Climate Change?

When you are working on a construction site, you essentially always need to be considering the weather. Rain, water levels, drought, wind, storms, etc., can [...]

The Basics of Pre-Employment Assessments and Why You Should Be Conducting Them

You might think that something called “pre-employment assessments” is just for those in suits and ties sitting behind computers. But really, this is a tactic [...]

Avoid These Common Hiring Mistakes at all Costs

The hiring process is notoriously tricky. To pick the right person for your team, you need to strike the perfect balance of moving quickly (so [...]

Planning for Tough Talks at Work: Before, During, and After

Difficult conversations are a part of life – and they are certainly a part of work life. Maybe you have a worker who has been [...]

How a Career Ladder Can Strengthen Your Team

You might be thinking that having an established career ladder does not make sense for an industry like construction. However, having a clear development path [...]

Are You Putting Too Much Emphasis on the Resume? Focus on These 3 Things Instead

Perhaps one of the greatest pitfalls of hiring is depending too heavily on the resume. This is particularly true in the construction industry, where the [...]

Are Team-Building Exercises Part of Your Internal Process? They Should Be.

Just hearing the term “team-building” is enough to get eye rolls from some people, especially when talking to people in the construction industry. This article [...]

5 Ways to Motivate Your Team and Improve Efficiency

If you own or manage a small construction company, you know that team motivation is critical to things like productivity and efficiency. Not to mention, [...]

How to Write a Job Posting That Attracts Passive Talent (Really!)

More often than not, the best talent is the ones who are not even considering a career change. Top talent that is in the market [...]

How an OSHA Citation Can Impact Your Company Over Time

On-site inspections essentially happen for four reasons. Besides a standard scheduled inspection, they will also follow a death that occurred on-site or a serious event [...]

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