Avoid These Phrases in Your Workplace Communication

It can be easy to fall back on jargon or catchphrases that you hear often in the office or on television. Some people even use [...]

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Prevent Non-Compliance at Your Company?

A strong company culture is built upon a solid foundation of ethics. Many construction companies have a standard compliance document that each new employee must [...]

How to Build Trust With Your Team

Instilling a sense of trust is invaluable in any relationship, whether personal or professional. In the construction industry, where your team is working on projects [...]

How to Effectively Deal with Conflict

There are difficult people in every industry, including construction. You may encounter tough clients that have unrealistically high expectations, and you will find team members [...]

What Does Collaborative Leadership Look Like?

Effective leadership today looks very different than it did ten or twenty years ago. The days of company leaders tucked away in their corner offices [...]

Do Vacations Equal Better Employees?

Many employees don’t realize that taking vacations can make them more efficient and productive. Many employees believe by not taking their allocated time off, they [...]

Manage Your Fears on the Jobsite – and Beyond

Often, it is not a lack of ability or inspiration that stands between us and success, but fear. This can be what keeps us from [...]

Discover Hidden Talent with the 80/20 Rule

If you find that your construction job openings are taking too long to fill, consider looking for a candidate who may not meet all of [...]

Increase Trust and Productivity with Effective Team Building

Team building exercises have a tremendous number of benefits. The better your team knows and respects one another, the stronger the workplace culture and higher [...]

How to Start Making Better Workplace Decisions

On average, we make tens of thousands of decisions a day. Of course, not all of these decisions are conscious or difficult, but each and [...]

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