Companies that build and maintain a strong brand image will not only enjoy more job applicants, but also more qualified job applicants. One of the most important components of a strong brand image is consistent messaging. This can ( and should!) be shared on a number of different venues, for example on your company website, its social media channels, and even in your open job descriptions.

One of the best ways to develop and promote your brand image and messaging is through digital marketing. When you plan your digital marketing strategy, you should be thinking about how to best meet your desired applicants where they already are – which, more often than not, is online.

Of course, the type of digital marketing that is most appropriate will vary greatly by industry and individual company. After all, not all construction companies have the same audience. Before you get started, spend some time considering what you know about your desired candidate group. This will help direct important components (such as the type of content you should create), the tone you maintain in your messages, and the channels that you promote on.


There are different types of content that you can create. For example, do you want to focus on video marketing or would long-form written content be more appropriate for your audience? It all comes down to 1) what your company is best set up to create and 2) what types of messages your audience will be most interested in engaging with. Keep in mind that there does not have to be only one right answer here; you can develop a written thought starter piece, and then supplement with video footage, for example.


With any type of marketing, including digital, it is important that you have a consistent voice that demonstrates who your company is and its values. Do not be afraid to show a little bit of personality.  This will resonate with audiences and give a much longer lasting impression than more sterile and generic corporate messaging. Keep in mind that “having a personality” does not necessarily mean that you should be silly or inappropriate – you also have a client audience to think about!


Finally, you need to think about placement for your digital marketing. This mostly has to do with where your target audience is spending their time. This will also be determined by the types of content you have created. For example, your long-form thought leader piece would not work well on Instagram. However, you can always create a short visual post, which lives on Instagram and then directs viewers to your company website or LinkedIn, where they can read something more platform-appropriate.


Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash