When to Use a Recruiter When Job Searching

Seeking for a new position can feel like a full-time job. Hours can be spent each week reviewing job listings, updating cover letters, applying for [...]

Why Resume Language is Key

Often, two candidates applying at a top construction have similar educational and professional backgrounds. So, who gets the interview?  To stand out, you need to [...]

Streamlining Your Job Search

Whether you are looking to make a lateral move, ascend the career ladder, or enter a new industry altogether, one standard resume will not work [...]

Does Your Resume Need Renovating?

Does your resume highlight the skills and experience that the construction industry is looking for?  Remember, it is a candidate market, so keep the following [...]

Get a Great Job in Construction with These Resume Tips

You might be the perfect fit for a job position, but without a polished resume on hand it could be difficult to even get an [...]

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