The Best Interview Questions to Ask

Businesses today still struggle with finding the best employees.  When asked, they often blame the interview process for their costly turnover rates, and constantly look for ways to improve their hiring process.

Hiring managers are often instructed to stick with the basic interview questions, however, these basic interview questions will not give you a true look at the candidate.  In a recent study, it was determined that job candidates have done so many interviews with the “basic interview questions,” that they have rehearsed their answers.  They do not think before answering their scripted response, and their answer will not give you any clarification on who they really are.

Do you really want to find the best candidate for your position?  Then you must change your interview questions.  Yes, there are several basic questions that you still must ask, but considering adding some of these questions to your arsenal and watch how you really get to understand and know your candidates.

  • What project or task have you completed in your career, which you find the most significant accomplishment to date? The question will allow you to hear about a positive experience in the candidate’s career, which will often open up their personality.  It will also give you additional opportunities to ask questions regarding skills used and the end result.
  • Why shouldn’t I hire you for this position? Because of the negative context of the question, it typically will force the candidate to reveal their integrity and true character when answering this question.  More important than their answer, is how they handle answering the question.
  • Tell me about a task you almost gave up on, but didn’t, and how you felt during the process? This question will allow the candidate to express how they were able to overcome a challenge presented to them, how they felt about it, and if they would or could do it again.
  • What makes you get out of bed in the morning? This question is typically not asked during an interview, but should be.  It will show the candidate’s true passion and give you a look at their personality.  You will know immediately if you have a candidate is passionate about their work or just there to collect a paycheck.

We understand that it is a competitive market out there today, and as a hiring manager, you do everything you can to find the right fit for your company.  You may do all the assessment testing, and interviews possible, but if you do not ask the right questions, you will never get the right answers.

Copyright: thingass / 123RF Stock Photo