This year has been difficult (to say the very least). Many small businesses – across nearly every industry – have suffered from having to adhere to heightened CDC and local laws pertaining to social distancing and sanitation procedures. A great number were forced to have either a limited workforce or figure out how their employees could effectively work from home. Beyond that, supply chains were also disrupted, either heightening costs or further delaying project timelines. 

It has seemed like time has passed both quickly and slowly. We now find ourselves at the end of August and on the brink of Q4. The big question on most small to medium business owners’ minds is: how can we finish the year strong? 

Of course, there are no silver bullets. And what works well for one company may not make sense for the next. That said, take into some of these strategic efforts that can help boost your marketing game and leave 2020 in a better place than how it started.

Look for Clues in Your Analytics 

At this point in the year, you should have accumulated a wealth of data pertaining to your company and services. (If this was not a priority for you this year, make sure it is for next.) Google Analytics helps you understand things like bounce rate and time on page. By looking at measurements like these, you can get a good sense of the type of content that is resonating with readers, and what could be improved. Plus, you can learn what products or services certain audiences care about the most, which can help you segment your communications. 

Determine Areas with Highest Potential 

Some of what you learn in these analytics reports can help you come up with localized geo strategies. Beyond that, look at your sales information to determine what the most profitable areas are for your business, and where there could be some untapped opportunities. This is also a really great way of identifying potential customers that you can reach out to directly, perhaps with a trial service or demonstration. 

Consider Potential Partnerships

What your company says about itself is one thing – but endorsements from others will generally go a lot further. Consider whether there are past customers (or even influencers relevant to your industry) that could speak on your behalf. This might not immediately lead to an increase in sales requests, but it will definitely help with awareness, which is an important first step. Just be sure that you are choosing a person or business that is already aligned with your company brand and messaging. 

2020 has been tough – there is no doubt about it. But that does not mean that the year needs to be an entire bust. By taking into account some of these strategies, you can help your company finish strong. 


Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash