Potential leaders in your organization will not always make themselves known. They may not always be the ones who have their hands up first, or who generally speak up in meetings. Hidden talent sometimes likes to stay hidden.

Those with great leadership capabilities are sometimes very quiet or like to stay behind the scenes. But that does not mean that they should be overlooked – in fact, by overlooking these individuals you will be doing your company a disservice.

By taking these three steps, you can effectively discover hidden talent within your organization and help these individuals grow and flourish in leadership positions.

Identify Leadership Qualities

There are a few key leadership traits that you should keep your eye out for. The first is someone who consistently acts with integrity. Hidden leaders will also tend to foster strong relationships with coworkers, that have been built on trust and mutual respect. You should also be looking for individuals who are creative problem solvers with a keen focus on results. And, perhaps above all else, these individuals will put the customer experience first.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

Once you have identified the hidden talent within your organization, you need to provide them with space and tools to reach their full potential. Have a meeting with these individuals to learn more about what they are interested in and looking for from their work. At that point, you will be able to put them in a position where they are able to learn new skills or to lead a small project that gives them confidence and demonstrates their capabilities.

Recognize Potential and Success 

The final stage is to make sure that these hidden leaders have their talent recognized. This can either be through one-on-one meetings or called out in front of the whole team or company. There are many ways to recognize someone’s success, so think about what makes the most sense and will not make someone feel uncomfortable. The goal is to inspire and encourage more of the same work, not to scare someone away.

 Remember that these individuals may not always want to be leaders, or may not currently see themselves as such. They will need your support and encouragement along the way. However, by giving someone the right support and opportunities, they are likely to rise to the occasion and to their full potential.


Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash