From a potential employee standpoint, the interview process is where they get a sense of what they can expect from taking a position with your construction company. During this time, make sure that they have a clear sense of what you are promising. This is integral to both parties to ensure a productive and long-lasting relationship.

There are five main elements of the employee promise, and each needs to be well defined.

  1. Job – The job goes way beyond the posted description and associated daily tasks. The job portion of the promise involves providing the tools and resources for the candidate to effectively accomplish what is expected of them. Depending on their role in your construction company, tools may also include physical equipment, or a computer and printer. Resources should include a mentor.
  2. Benefits – In the past, benefits included health, dental, and life insurance. These are the cornerstones of the benefits package. However, today many employees are also looking for flexibility of schedule, the ability to work remotely, paid time off, and educational benefits. Career advancement opportunities are also considered part of an overall benefits package.
  3. Culture – Culture is based on leadership and how things get done. It is more of a collaborative mindset: sharing the spotlight when work goes well and being part of the solution when it does not. When there is a lack of culture, people tend to feel they are underpaid and under-appreciated.
  4. Brand – Your construction company has a distinct brand. Since your employees are your first customers, every employee should be invested in and contribute toward that brand. Think about the brands you admire what they do for their employees.
  5. Giving – Current employees and candidates also tend to be more attracted to organizations that give back to their communities. A give-back program can build your brand and be integrated into your culture, which will serve to strengthen your employee promise.

A strong employee promise helps candidates identify with your organization and allows you to determine if they will be a good fit within your construction company.


Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash