The construction industry has long been male-dominated, but there is a growing need for gender diversity. Recruiting and retaining women in construction helps address the ongoing labor shortage and brings new perspectives and approaches to the industry. In this article, we offer tips on recruiting and retaining women in construction to create a more diverse, inclusive, and successful workforce.

Recruitment Strategies:

Partner with educational institutions:

  • Collaborate with colleges, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs to encourage women to pursue careers in construction.
  • Offer workshops, scholarships, and mentorship opportunities to female students.

Develop targeted advertising campaigns:

  • Use inclusive language and imagery that appeals to women.
  • Highlight the benefits of construction work, such as competitive salaries, job security, and growth opportunities.

Leverage social media:

  • Share stories of successful women in construction to inspire others.
  • Use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to showcase your company’s commitment to gender diversity.

Attend women-focused career fairs and networking events:

  • Participate in events that cater specifically to women in the workforce.
  • Engage with potential candidates and showcase your company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion.

Retention Strategies:

Implement diversity and inclusion policies:

  • Develop a comprehensive diversity and inclusion plan with goals, metrics, and strategies to promote gender diversity.
  • Regularly assess and update policies to ensure continued progress.

Offer competitive benefits and flexible work options:

  • Provide benefits that appeal to women, such as comprehensive healthcare plans, paid parental leave, and flexible work schedules.
  • Consider offering remote work opportunities and job-sharing arrangements.

Create a supportive work environment:

  • Promote open communication and encourage employees to share their ideas and concerns.
  • Develop mentorship and sponsorship programs to support the career growth of female employees.

Provide opportunities for growth and advancement:

  • Offer training and development programs to help women build their skills and advance in their careers.
  • Encourage female employees to take on leadership roles and provide support to help them succeed. 

Address gender-specific issues:

  • Provide appropriate facilities and personal protective equipment (PPE) designed for women.
  • Implement strict policies against harassment and discrimination, and ensure all employees know these policies.

The construction industry has much to gain from embracing gender diversity, including access to a broader talent pool, enhanced problem-solving abilities, and a more inclusive work environment. By implementing these recruitment and retention strategies, employers can attract and retain women in construction, ultimately benefiting their businesses and the industry. Emphasizing diversity and inclusion is not just the right thing to do; it is also a wise business decision leading to tremendous success in the competitive construction landscape.



Photo by Barnabas Lartey-Odoi Tetteh on Unsplash