Working with a Recruiter

You have made the decision to work with a recruiter, but what does that really mean?  For those working with a recruiter for the first time, this is a common question.  Unfortunately, because so many job seekers are unfamiliar with working with a recruiter, they forget to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Whether you have worked with a recruiter before, or this is your first time, the key to remember is to act professional.  The recruiter is there to get to know you, your skills, wants, and desires.  This allows them to place you with the perfect employer.  You must maintain a professional presence with your recruiter.  Remember, this person is trying to help you obtain the perfect job!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working with a recruiter:

  • Keep your cool. Do not be aggressive or rude to your recruiter.  This only hurts you, as it makes you appear to be unreasonable and hot-headed.  Always communicate your dissatisfaction, but do so in a way that is professional and calm.  This will show the recruiter that you can handle confrontation and adversity.
  • Be genuine. Do not try to be someone you are not.  You stand a better chance of getting the perfect job by letting your recruiter know exactly who you are.  Do not lie about your skills.  It also benefits you to be clear about what you want – salary, hours, benefits, etc.  The time to discuss all of these things is with your recruiter, not when you are on the interview.  This shows your recruiter you are serious about the job hunt, and this allows them to find the perfect match for you.
  • Be truthful. Do not say you will show up for an interview and then not go.  This not only makes your recruiter look bad to the employer, but makes you look bad to both.  If you are not interested in specific jobs or companies, tell your recruiter before they schedule you for an interview.
  • Be professional. Do not treat your recruiter like “yesterday’s trash.”  Remember, he or she is there to help you!  Treat your recruiter like you would treat a potential employer during an interview.  Answer all their questions and give them all the details necessary so they can place you in the proper job.
  • Show you care. Do not remain aloof about using the recruiter to help you find a job.  It is ok to show your enthusiasm, as long as you keep it in check.  Show the recruiter that you care and are excited to begin a new career.

Working with a recruiter can be a fantastic experience, provided you play your part.  Treat your recruiter like a potential employer, show respect for the hard work he or she is doing to help you, and above all be professional.
Copyright: miluxian / 123RF Stock Photo