Building a Career Roadmap

You have probably read dozens of articles, talked to countless people at networking events, and even paid for some online miracle career roadmap guide, but [...]

Social Media in your Job Search

Looking for a job in the construction industry, but not sure if social media is relevant?  Many job candidates in this industry look the other [...]

Explaining Career Gaps on Your Resume

Your resume is meant to give a potential employer a quick glimpse of your life.  You have spent the time perfecting your resume in hopes [...]

Interview Nevers

As you prepare to find the best construction job of 2018, you should refresh and remember some important interview nevers!  Yes, there are certain things [...]

What to Expect in Your Job Hunt

As 2018 begins, many construction workers will sit and wonder what they should expect during their job hunt.  While the construction industry is still in [...]

What is the Right Career for You

Do you love the work you do?  Many people do not think about this question, and job candidates seldom take the time to reflect on [...]

Adding Safety Courses to Your Resume

As you know, safety is a big concern for many construction companies.  In fact, many hiring managers specifically look for resumes that list safety courses [...]

First Impressions – They Count

One of the biggest reasons for not getting hired in the construction industry, is because of a first impression.  So many job candidates in construction, [...]

How to Prove Yourself During an Interview

Now, more than ever, construction hiring managers are being cautious of who they hire for their open positions.  Just because there is a shortage of [...]

Stop Hurting Your Chances of Getting the Job

If you have been searching for the perfect construction job, and have been on multiple interviews, but still have no job offers, you may be [...]

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