Why Employee Fulfillment Matters, and What You Should Do

When employees are happy at their place of employment, the feeling is often palpable throughout every tier of the organization, from clients to stakeholders. While [...]

How Social Media Can Help Attract Strong Job Candidates

Social media isn’t just for catching up with old friends from high school or sharing the latest viral video. Today, we basically live online, and [...]

Answering the Dreaded Interview Question

For many construction workers, the interview is often very intimating, and when asked the question, tell me about yourself, there is often silence.  Answering this [...]

True Costs of Unemployment

Unemployment is not something that most construction workers want to talk about, yet it is a very real problem for many.  Being unemployed is very [...]

Ways to Keep Calm at Your Interview

The majority of people that go to an interview get nervous, even those in the construction industry.  Whether you want to admit it to yourself [...]

Is It Time to Leave?

One of the biggest struggles and most common questions asked among construction workers is whether it is time to leave their current employment and look [...]

These are Costing You the Job

Have you applied for job after job, only to not even get a call for an interview?  It might be because you are making the [...]

Your LinkedIn Background Photo

You probably have not thought about it, just like so many other users on LinkedIn, but the background photo on your profile is another opportunity [...]

Skills to Include on Your Construction Resume

There are hundreds and hundreds of articles and self-help tips on writing the perfect resume.  In fact, you have probably seen and heard it all [...]

Connections that will Optimize your Network

Today’s job market is very different than in years past, which is why it is so important that even those in the construction industry build [...]

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