Many companies are starting to consider text-to-apply apps as part of their recruitment process. Utilizing texting could be a perfect venue for construction companies, many of which are currently fighting over a small pool of qualified candidates to get projects back on track after being delayed for up to a year.

This article will discuss precisely what Text Apply is, its benefits, and whether it is something your company should consider today.

What Exactly Is Text Apply?

It is easy. You use a shortcode or inbound text number to assist interested candidates through the entire job application; for example, “text JOBS to apply.” Once someone gets started, this can include entering contact information, answering screening questions, and even scheduling interviews. Once interested candidates are added to your system, you (or a bot) can easily reach out for more information and keep the conversation going.

What Are the Benefits of Text to Apply?

  • SMS is already extremely familiar and comfortable to people. This familiarity is probably why its completion rates are suitable for job applications, unlike email, which is notoriously low. Text messaging also has a much higher open rate than email. Not to mention, the quick responses mean a more engaging experience that can keep candidates interested along the way.
  • It is quick and convenient. You will not be spending time behind a desk for most construction positions, so someone should not need to be at one to apply. You can include instructions anywhere and let an interested candidate reach out whenever makes the most sense for them, instead of just forgetting about it later. Text to Apply apps is also mobile-optimized, which many career sites are not. And there is no trying to enter a long and complicated URL. Instead, it is just a simple phone number.
  • Text Apply is a modern solution that will appeal to a broader audience. It indicates to candidates that your company understands their needs and meets them where they already are. This gives an immediate impression of what it would be like to work for your company—and first impressions can be everything.

Should Your Company Use Text to Apply?

When you speed up the application process, you speed up the entire hiring process. The more candidates you have to review, the faster you can find the perfect fit for your company. Text Apply helps with all of this. The entry costs are also pretty low, so there is no reason you should not at least consider the text to apply as part of your recruitment strategy.


Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash