Re-Thinking Today’s Outdated Hiring Practices

While business sectors and technology continue to evolve at lightning speed, the systems that many companies have in place for hiring have largely remained the [...]

How to be a Effective Leader on the Job Site

When you think of an active construction job site, what are the first images that come to mind? In a perfect world, the project site [...]

The Benefits of Using Drones in Construction

Many industries such as mining, oil, agriculture and mapping have adopted the use of drones, which are unmanned aerial vehicles, to help efficiently complete tasks.  [...]

Employment Brand – Why it is Important

If you ask anyone what it is like to work for a high-profile company such as Google, Facebook or Apple, you’ll probably get responses such [...]

Where to Look for Construction Job Candidates

While the candidate pool is getting better in the construction industry, many hiring managers are still struggling to find enough good employees to fill positions [...]

How to turn negative feedback into a positive

At some point in your career, you will receive some negative feedback, but how will you handle it?  Will you accept it and make changes?  [...]

Working with low motivated employees

Employers are constantly looking for motivated and engaged employees.  The problem with this is, most employees are not that motivated or engaged in their job.  [...]

Working with a Recruiter

You have made the decision to work with a recruiter, but what does that really mean?  For those working with a recruiter for the first [...]

Interviewing a Construction Manager

Companies looking for a construction manager, typically are looking for a well-balanced and experienced individual.  The difficult part about hiring the perfect construction manager, is [...]

Tips on Writing a Resume for the Construction Industry

Gone are the days when you could just “show up” at a construction site and get work.  Today, many companies are requiring all construction workers [...]

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