What You Should Include in an Employee Database

An employee database is a system that every company should utilize, no matter the size or industry. Essentially, it will contain a file for each [...]

3 Ways to Measure Employee Satisfaction

Recruitment is one of the highest costs that a company must manage. In an industry like construction, where turnover rates can be extremely high, it [...]

Retain Your Star Employees with Stay Interviews

A couple of generations ago, it was not uncommon for people to spend their entire careers at just a couple of different companies. Today, employees [...]

Does Your Construction Company Embrace Diversity?

Workplace diversity can come in many different forms – from colleagues of different ages, races, and genders, from different religious, cultural, or socioeconomic backgrounds. There [...]

Have You Tried Campus Recruiting to Fill Your Open Construction Positions?

The construction industry has been dealing with talent shortages for a while. Now that many projects are back on schedule, companies are wondering how they [...]

4 Creative Ways to Find Talent in the Construction Industry

The skilled labor shortage plaguing the United States is nothing new – and certainly nothing new in the construction industry. Finding people with the right [...]

Do Not Lose a Good Candidate to a Counteroffer: Ask These Questions

You have had an open position in your construction company for what feels like forever. When you finally interview a candidate with the perfect combination [...]

Management Is Not Enough. Are You Displaying Leadership on the Job Site?

You have a manager on-site on every job, but do you have a leader? There is a difference between telling your employees what to do, [...]

Asking for a Raise or Promotion? Do Not Make These 3 Common Mistakes

The construction industry is not necessarily known for its high wages and advancement opportunities. However, you have put in the time, exceeded expectations, and you [...]

Project Management Lessons from Today’s Top Leaders

I do not have to tell you how critical project management is to the construction industry. On worksites where you are dealing with so many [...]

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