There are about a million and one things that contribute to burnout in the workplace; unlike many may think, it is not all from too much to do or too long of hours on the job. You might experience burnout from conflicting colleague personalities, unclear directions, feeling unseen or unappreciated, your own need for perfectionism, or even the presence of a workplace bully.

Some reports have referred to workplace burnout as an epidemic, and that would not be too far from the truth. This stress and anxiety can quickly start affecting other areas of your life, leading to depression and other serious health concerns.

So, what can you do to prevent burnout? Of course, there is no way to avoid stress altogether – this often goes hand in hand with work. The good news is that there are tips and tricks to help you minimize the burnout that you may be feeling at work.

Set yourself up for success

One of the things that can have us feeling overwhelmed is when it seems like we never really get to leave work. Even after the day is done, we are still thinking about our to-do’s and worrying about what we may have forgotten – all of which can easily lead to burnout. Instead, make sure that you take time to plan your tomorrow before you leave at the end of the workday. By writing out everything you need to accomplish, you will have an easier time mentally “turning off,” and will be much more productive when you come the next day.

Take care of yourself physically

This is good advice no matter what topic you are talking about. Make sure that you get enough sleep and that you eat well – a healthy diet can work wonders. You should also take breaks throughout the day. Getting up to stretch your legs and clear your mind can keep your stress levels down. When you are in good shape physically, you will be much better equipped to handle the stress of the job.

Look for ways to calm your mind

When I am stressed, I can actually feel my heart start to race, and my blood pressure increase. Finding ways to calm your nerves is critical to preventing burnout – and there are a lot of ways to do this. Listening to relaxing music is one, meditation is another. Another easy way is to cut down on the amount of caffeine that you have on a daily basis, which can add to the feeling of being overwhelmed.

A certain amount of stress on the job is probably inevitable – but burnout does not have to be. By working on the above tips and tricks you can actively keep a calm head on your shoulders, and stay productive and motivated throughout the day.