For project-based work like construction, it is critical to be as productive as possible. As they say, time is money, and any inefficiencies can quickly eat away at profits. Every year, this results in many smaller companies going out of business, or not being nearly as successful as they could potentially be. 

So how do you increase your productivity and produce better work, faster? Take a look at the three productivity hacks that we have listed below. 

Productivity Hack #1: Hire Good Management

This cannot be overstated. The management that you hire is one of the most important decisions you can make. It can single-handedly determine how productive your employees are, and how successful the project will be. 

A good manager understands the strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members. They are personally involved in the project and can proactively address any potential challenges before deadlines or budget are affected. They are also regularly checking inventory and are aware of any relevant regulations – two factors that can greatly slow productivity and derail an entire project. 

Productivity Hack #2: Treat Your Workers Well

There are many people who try to increase productivity by keeping employees working around the clock. But this can quickly backfire and lead to burnout, on-site errors, or general dissatisfaction within the group. It is important that you invest in your workers if you want them to feel loyalty and responsibility for your company and projects. 

What does treating your workers well look like? A good work-life balance is key. Make sure that your employees are getting time off to recharge physically and mentally. It is also important to invest in your team’s emotional wellbeing. Provide rewards for a job well done and constructive criticism on a regular basis. 

Productivity Hack #3: Prioritize Communication 

Clear and open communication is something that should be prioritized in every aspect of the job if you want to increase productivity. From the very beginning, before any work has been done, make sure that you are providing detailed and honest communication with the client. Poorly formed contracts can lead to disputes and project changes that quickly drain resources and slow progress. 

Make sure that you are also regularly communicating with your employees: What is working? What is not working? To our first productivity hack, you can trust a good manager to do this. The point is, there should not be any surprises at the eleventh hour. By having clear instructions and regular check-ins, you greatly reduce the risk of having to redo work. 

A Final Word

By taking these productivity hacks to heart, you will not only benefit your bottom line, but you will also create a better working environment for your employees. And, at the end of the day, employees who feel respected and appreciated will be far more productive than those who do not. 

Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash