When employees are happy at their place of employment, the feeling is often palpable throughout every tier of the organization, from clients to stakeholders. While not every company actively seeks to help their employees find fulfillment in the office, those that do certainly reap the rewards. It’s worth considering what you can do to help every individual feel as though their work is meaningful and appreciated. After all, it will only serve to benefit the future of the company. 

The Work Is Benefited  

It’s true that when we believe that we are a part of something that matters, we become more invested in seeing a positive outcome, and thus more inclined to put additional time and effort toward the project at hand. In short, employees have a greater sense of responsibility and dedication. 

Feeling inspired at work is also a surefire way to boost creativity, which only serves to further benefit collaboration and problem solving. As a result, projects are generally completed at a higher quality level, keeping clients happy and overall contributing to a positive brand image and reputation. 

The Company Is Benefited 

Of course, when clients are happy, the company is more likely to enjoy long, ongoing professional relationships and meaningful referrals. But employees who feel as though their work is important and that they are an essential part of the team also impact the company’s bottom line in a more direct way: increased levels of productivity and overall company morale. This also means that they are less likely to take a sick day and that the overall turnover rate will continue to decrease, which is essential to a company’s bottom line. 

Employee satisfaction can also be contagious—those who feel fulfilled can radiate this good energy throughout the office, and can also be instructive for new employees who may be just starting out. As they say, positivity breeds positivity. 

The Individual Is Benefited 

Perhaps the most important part of this equation is the individual employee, who likely experiences both professional as well as personal satisfaction as a result of feeling fulfilled during their time at work. 

Regardless of whether the position is either part or full time, most individuals spend a considerable amount of time either on-site or otherwise thinking about their career, so it certainly helps if they feel important and appreciated. In addition to feeling a greater sense of positivity and a better mood, individuals may also experience fewer physical ailments and better sleep if they believe that their time at work is well spent. 

How Fulfilled Are Your Employees? 

Regardless of size, industry, or location, companies whose employees feel a sense of purpose will perform better and be more likely to reach their full potential over time. Start by giving employees an anonymous questionnaire to determine how individuals feel their needs are being met, and where they feel they could use some additional support. 


Photo by David Siglin on Unsplash