There is an unspoken checklist that every hiring manager knows. You are looking for someone that brings a good education, relevant work experience, and the right technical skills to the table. Another factor that often falls by the wayside? The right cultural fit.

These are not points you will usually find on a resume and probably are not even included in your construction company’s job posting or application. It is important not to assume that a good cultural fit means that every person has the exact same set of values or beliefs; diversity – as we have discussed previously – is incredibly important for sound decision-making.

Company culture is a little hard to define because it is always in flux; every construction company has a different “personality” or “vibe.” While a lot of this is unspoken, it can be helpful to come up with a set of guideline principles that essentially state who you are as an organization. These principles can help evaluate candidates to help determine whether they would be an excellent addition to your team and worksite.

In this article, we will talk about a few reasons why company culture should be a significant consideration when it comes to hiring.

Better Employee Retention and Lower Costs

It is simple: when new hires do not feel like they “fit in” with the team, they are likely to start looking elsewhere. You can save a ton of time and energy for both hiring and training by making cultural fit one of your hiring priorities from the very start.

Positive Work Environment and Better Work Output

When someone is not happy or does not feel like they fit in, they can (and will!) bring the rest of the group down. A negative attitude is like cancer for an organization, and it can mean slower and less focused work on the construction site, putting schedules and individual safety at risk.

Build Your Reputation and Attract Top Talent

Your employees can be your greatest advocates; when they are happy, this will positively appeal to prospective customers and new hires alike. Having employees who enjoy their team will make hiring a whole lot easier in the future as prospective hires will seek you out. As they say, your reputation precedes you.

Having a defined company culture can also make the application process more manageable. Include the personality traits that you are looking for that can contribute to a stronger team. This will attract like-minded individuals, as well as strengthen your future workforce: win-win!


Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash