You might think that something called “pre-employment assessments” is just for those in suits and ties sitting behind computers. But really, this is a tactic that can greatly improve the quality of hiring decisions in any industry, construction included.

This article will go over the most important aspects of this topic: what pre-employment assessments look at, why more and more companies are choosing to do this, and when it makes the most sense for you to introduce them into your hiring process.

What are pre-employment assessments?

These tests can be conducted online or in-person, which are designed to give you a good sense of the behavioral traits and cognitive ability of someone you are considering in the hiring process. Basically, it answers the question: will this individual be a good fit within your organization?

Of course, the specific traits measured will depend on the industry and the role you are hiring. The skills required of a construction foreperson are different than those needed for a building code administrator, for example.

When hiring for any industry – construction included – you will want to look at characteristics like attention to detail, dependability, cooperation. Beyond that, qualities like self-control, stress tolerance, and flexibility might be of particular importance depending on the type of projects you are looking to staff.

Why should you consider conducting pre-employment assessments?

This answer is simple: To make better hires. There are specific qualities that are positively correlated to higher retention rates and supervisor and customer service ratings. These tests can help you determine which employees will be happiest in the position and contribute to your construction company’s future.

Another reason you should consider pre-employment assessments – which is arguably just as important is to avoid bad hires that can cost your business tons of money in recruitment and training. High turnover is arguably the biggest money suck that can (somewhat) easily be avoided. 

When is the right time to incorporate these tests?

You might choose to conduct your pre-employment assessments at different times in the hiring process, depending on what makes the most sense for your company. If you have a ton of applicants, for example, a quick online test can help you narrow down the pool. You can also use this as a last step in the hiring process to help you choose between a small number of qualified candidates before offering a position.


Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash