The pandemic has been challenging for businesses across industries. Companies have been forced to reevaluate corporate policies and procedures. In this way, corporate culture has also been tested. Employees now have the opportunity to see how the company’s stated values have held up in these troubling times. How a company has communicated changes to employees and helped them adapt to the new environment, how leadership has stepped up, and implemented new strategies, all of these things will play an important role in the staff’s perception of their company. And, as some companies are beginning to realize, this could really go either way. 

So, what can a company do in order to reignite or strengthen their own culture in the midst of a global health crisis? 

Demonstrate strong leadership 

Employees will be greatly influenced by how management acts during this time. If a real focus is placed on finding solutions and making the best out of a challenging situation, employees will follow suit. This will arguably have the greatest influence on how the company culture shifts during these troubling times. Your management team should be proactive and communicative and show that they are committed to helping the company and its employees come out of this situation stronger than before. 

Strengthen communication channels 

While always important, effective communication is going to be critical during this time. Companies will not be able to depend on the systems that had previously been in place. While procedures continue to change rapidly, and many individuals may be working remotely, it is essential that you look for new ways to keep the team connected with one another. 

When in doubt, it is better to overcommunicate – just make sure that your team knows where to turn to for updates, which will likely be more frequent than usual. Of course, there is a lot of uncertainty during this time; do not be afraid to let your employees know when you are unsure of something, and when they can expect an answer.  

Focus on your employees and your community 

Companies will help reignite their culture by having more of a “show” vs. “tell” mentality. Do not just tell your employees that you have their best interests in mind; make a concerted effort to give them the support and tools they need to get through this difficult period. Do not just re-state your company values; demonstrate them by showing up and helping out in your local community. Your actions will speak far louder than your words. 

By following this advice, you can not only continue to reinforce your company culture during this time, but you can strengthen it and encourage your employees to do the same. 


Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash