While business sectors and technology continue to evolve at lightning speed, the systems that many companies have in place for hiring have largely remained the same over the past few decades. 

It’s time to ask ourselves: Is there another way to think about the hiring process, so that it can better match today’s companies, teams, and employees? 

Switch up the Standard Application Materials

When it comes to applying for pretty much any position today, a candidate will be expected to provide their resume and a cover letter. It’s important to have a sense of someone’s professional background and experience, but what is a cover letter truly adding to the mix? 

Instead of a generic note, where applicants all pretty much state how they would love to work for your company, perhaps it would be more beneficial to ask them to answer a question or provide a statement that can show off more of their individual personality. 

A cover letter is not going to shed light onto whether an applicant will fit in with your company culture; however, asking someone the three things they would choose to take to a deserted island just might. 

Let Technology Streamline the Process 

One of the most stressful parts of the hiring process for candidates is not knowing where they stand. This is, of course, also stressful for hiring managers who are constantly fielding calls and emails from hopeful applicants wondering whether a decision has been made. 

There’s no reason why today technology can’t help out both parties. By automating messages, keeping candidates up-to-date on whether or not the position has been filled, and letting them know what the next steps are, you not only increase efficiency, but also respect individuals’ time and effort. 

Increase Transparency for All Parties 

Seeking to fill a vacant position in your office isn’t just about whether or not the person can do the job, but whether they will be a good fit. 

Someone who is a good match with the company’s culture will not only thrive within the position, but will also improve the work and communication of their colleagues, as well as the overall workplace atmosphere. As the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” 

To ensure that you are considering applicants who would positively contribute to your office environment, be open and honest about what it is like to work at your company. This can include posting on social media, and offering people “an inside look,” but could also mean letting applicants speak to their future team and colleagues during the interview process.

It is also a good idea to be upfront about important things like salary ranges, health benefits, and vacation time from the very beginning. This will help weed out the individuals who have certain requirements, and will save everyone time and money. 

When’s the Last Time You Re-Vamped Your Hiring Process? 

By keeping in mind the above recommendations, you can ensure that your hiring process is working as hard as possible for you. Not only will this result in stronger applicants—and, ultimately, hires—but it will also streamline the process, increasing efficiency and better managing resources.  

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