You have a manager on-site on every job, but do you have a leader? There is a difference between telling your employees what to do, setting an example, and giving them the motivation to develop their skills truly.

If you have a strong construction team in place, it can be tempting to leave them to do their jobs while you direct your attention to other things – like finally filing that paperwork or securing future projects. This article will discuss why leadership presence is absolutely critical to building your team and business.

Keeps your team engaged and honest

The construction industry has not always been known for the most proactive and self-regulating employees. When the authorities are gone, the chances are that some people will cut corners and not perform as well as they would otherwise. Essentially, visible leadership is hugely effective at keeping your team effective (and productive).

It is also really encouraging for your employees to see that their managers are actively involved in day-to-day activities. This indicates that they are supported if and when they need it. Not having an engaged manager is a big reason why many employees start to look for new job opportunities, so having a strong leadership presence can positively affect retention rates.

Improves reputation and client-relations

One of the biggest benefits of strong leadership is letting your team feel seen and heard. However, in addition to encouraging your employees, leadership visibility is also important to current and potential clients. Whether you focus on personal or corporate construction, these types of projects can be incredibly stressful for all parties involved. When the individual(s) who hired your services actually observes a strong team structure in place, it can reassure them that the job will be handled professionally. For an industry that relies heavily on positive feedback, the importance of this cannot be overstated.

Grows the company and creates future leaders

The best leaders are the ones who empower employees to become the best versions of themselves. You do this through leading by example, and this can only truly happen when there is a consistent physical presence on the job. When you develop this connection with your team over time, employees feel a greater sense of trust and loyalty toward the company (and the company’s leadership). Being actively engaged is also the only way to really get to know your employees and invest in their career development.


Photo by Leon on Unsplash