Team building exercises have a tremendous number of benefits. The better your team knows and respects one another, the stronger the workplace culture and higher the productivity.

Working in construction can be incredibly draining. Between the long hours and the physical demand, it is no wonder that burnout is a concern because it can lead to high turnover rates and poor workplace morale.

In this article, we will go over a few creative ideas for strengthening your team.  Any one of these ideas can be implemented at any time, you do not need any special or fancy equipment, and they do not cost a single penny.

Initiate a “buddy system”

This is a great way for someone to get familiar with your larger team and the way that your company operates. Consider pairing up new team member with someone who can show them the ins and outs and make them feel more comfortable. It is important that this person is not a manager (although it is important that management check in regularly as well), but rather someone that the trainee can be more candid with or talk about things outside of just work. When done correctly, this increases trust on the jobsite as well as lowering turnover rates.

Introduce a team motto or cheer  

Okay, this one probably sounds a little silly, but trust me – it can work. As you know, working on jobsites day in and day out can be incredibly draining. It is important to keep energy and attention levels high throughout the day. Consider coming up with a team motto that you can start or end meetings with or interject throughout the day. This is great for centering people on a common goal or value and reinforces the idea that we are all in this together. It is up to you to come up with something that works for your team – the important part is that it should be short and memorable, otherwise people are less likely to use it.

Emphasize a culture of appreciation

Team building exercises do not (and honestly should not) just happen at dedicated times once or twice a year. Chances are you have regular team meetings. Kick off these sessions by allowing employees to give a shout out to another team member. These can range from more serious (so-and-so had an awesome idea to increase efficiency) to less serious (so-and-so always has the best music). Keep in mind that if you want your team to do this, they have to first see it done by management; they will follow your example. The idea is to spread camaraderie and build community.


Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash