There are many experts and reports that argue – convincingly – that a sense of community can make or break a business. And it makes sense. When we feel like we are a part of something it gives us meaning. Building relationships with the people that you work with can do wonders for workplace morale and greatly reduce turnover rates, saving the company time and money.

But developing a true sense of community is far easier said than done, particularly in an industry like construction, where workers are often siloed and project-based. That being said, in this article, we will outline three ways that you can grow your connection with your employees and help them develop a deeper sense of commitment to your company.

Help them learn about the business as a whole

When your employees are just clocking in and clocking out, they do not necessarily have a sense of how their role fits into the bigger picture. As they get to know the other positions and people working at the company, they are likely to feel a greater sense of commitment and responsibility. Knowing where you fit into the team can help you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself.

Have regular check-ins

Communication is essential in every area of business – and plays a big role in fostering communication. You should make sure that you are doing regular check-ins with both the full team as well as one-on-ones with team members. During this time, you should make a point to ask for feedback – and to listen to what you hear. This should include not just asking about how they feel about their personal role and responsibilities, but also about the team and company as a whole.

Facilitate social interactions

You cannot feel like you are a part of a community without actually knowing the people that you are working with. It is important that employees have a chance to get to know one another, even if they do not work together directly. One of the ways that you can do this is to plan for things like holiday parties and regular happy hours. However, you can also create opportunities in the workplace. This might be a bit challenging on a job site, but having common break areas or even team meetings that make time for chit chat can go a long way.

Having a true sense of community can do wonders for a company’s bottom line. While it cannot happen overnight, making steps toward these three strategies can make a huge difference.


Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash