While a number of companies have issued hiring freezes, business is still booming for others. Many projects in the construction industry, for example, are still deemed “essential,” which means that the interview and hiring process must continue. That being said, this process will generally take place remotely. In fact, it is likely that you will not actually set foot at your new job until your first day. 

This means that there is a whole new set of things that you need to be prepared for. Make sure that you are keeping in mind the following so that your video interview goes as smoothly as possible. 

Make sure your tech and surroundings are ready

Do not just wait until a minute or two before your interview is about to start to log in and discover that you need to update your software or that your sound is not working. Test your video beforehand to make sure that the lighting is good and that the interviewer will be able to clearly see you. It is also important that your background appears neat and tidy. No one wants to see your dirty clothes hamper or an overflowing garbage can. 

Treat it like a regular interview

Many of us have been spending lots of time at home recently, but that is no excuse to not act professionally. Dress exactly as you would if you were going in for an in-person interview. You might think, “Well, they will only see me from my waist up, so I can still wear pajama pants.” Definitely do not do this. First off, how you dress helps put you in the right mindset. Also, it would reflect really poorly on you if anything happened and the interviewer were to see you in your slippers. A virtual interview is also not an excuse to rely heavily on notes. If you would not do it in a typical interview, do not do it in a video interview. 

Facilitate with anyone also at home 

One of the biggest potential challenges for interviewing at home is if others are around. You might have family members or roommates sheltering-in-place at the same time. Not only do you have to worry about noise, but just the idea of someone being able to hear you can be distracting. Make sure that you let them know beforehand that you will need complete silence during this time, and that certain areas of your home might be off-limits. To help give yourself a little more privacy, see if people can listen to the television or music with headphones on during your call. 

Interviews are always nerve-wracking. Video interviews during the time of coronavirus just add one more layer of stress. By doing the best you can to properly prepare for your call, you can help ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.


Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash