The year is quickly coming to a close. For many people – especially those who own a business or manage a team – the last month of every year is usually a blur. When we are in the thick of holiday celebrations, family get-togethers, and wrapping up work projects, it can be difficult to find the time to reflect on the past year and start to consider the goals that we have for the year that is upcoming.  

But it is important that you do find the time. Studies have shown that individuals who make the effort to construct thoughtful, realistic, and actionable goals are much more likely to achieve them. Chances are, the individuals who only half-heartedly throw together plans will have abandoned them entirely within the first few months. 

So how can you create personal and professional New Year’s resolutions that you are more likely to achieve? Just follow these tips. 

Prioritize Your Goals

Trying to accomplish too much is a quick way to ensure that you accomplish nothing at all. Having too many goals is more likely to destroy your focus and, as a result, your enthusiasm. It is far more effective to have a single goal with real, actionable steps that you can take to achieve it. 

Be Realistic 

Just like having too many goals can be counterproductive, having an unrealistic and insurmountable goal is also unlikely to ever be realized. The biggest limitations are usually time and money. Ask yourself what are you actually able to accomplish given your existing resources. 

Maintain Open Communication 

Make a point to ask yourself (or your family members or employees) regularly: What is working? What is not working? How can processes be strengthened or improved? Should your goals be adjusted at all? Be honest and transparent so that you can accurately measure your progress. 

Make Adjustments Along the Way

When you have a true sense of how things are going, you can better course correct and stay on track. This is something that should be done intermittently, otherwise you might one day realize you are so off course that you lose momentum entirely. Depending on your personal goal, schedule check-ins every week or month. 

And Finally, Stay Accountable and Kind

People who tell others – like friends or colleagues – about their goals are far more likely to actually achieve them. This creates a heightened sense of responsibility and accountability. But also remember that you are only human. You may slip up along the way – and that is okay. Just repeat the steps above and get yourself back on track.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash