The global pandemic is affecting all areas of life, from how we interact socially to how we do our jobs. But what if you are in between jobs at the moment? Well, first off, you should still be continuing your search. Even if things are looking down and you know people who are being laid off or furloughed left and right, you never know when the right opportunity will present itself – so you need to be ready to jump on it.  

Keep in the following when it comes to your job search. This will help manage your expectations and provide some helpful guidance along the way. 

It greatly depends on the industry

The entertainment and service industries have no doubt been hit the hardest over the past few months. If you are looking for a job in construction, it may be a different story. While construction companies have certainly been affected by the coronavirus, many projects – and its workers – have been deemed essential. 

Anticipate changes in the hiring process

While you may have more luck applying for a job in the construction industry, it definitely will not be “business as usual.” You should anticipate the hiring timelines may either be shorter or longer than usual. Many projects may be understaffed, as individuals have to leave the job site to quarantine or have a preexisting condition and are sheltering-in-place. There may also be changes in how initial interviews are conducted; plan for phone or video calls during this process. 

Entertain opportunities that you might not normally 

You could be offered a position that is not exactly what you had in mind. Regardless, the best move might still be to accept the offer. Many people are out of work entirely, and having a paycheck coming in regularly and avoiding any gaps in your resume is probably a wise decision. Think of it like this: the job does not have to be permanent, and you are likely to gain some new skills in the process. This combination of factors could make it easier for you to land your dream job in the future. 

How long will this “new normal” last? 

It is impossible to say when things will go back to normal in the job search and hiring process. In fact, things might never return to the way that they were. Even after a vaccine is discovered, chances are that some industry processes will be forever different. The key is to be flexible and open to change so that you are ready when the right opportunity arises. 


Photo by Allie on Unsplash