When considering changing your job descriptions to PRR’s, you should also consider adding EPP’s to your hiring process.  The employee positional profile has become very popular with job candidates and construction hiring managers over the last several months.  The EPP will help job candidates and hiring managers understand if an candidate is right for a position, socially.

Because a cultural fit has become so important to job candidates and companies, the employee positional profile helps both parties determine if they will be a good fit for the position.  Here are the basics of the EPP:

  • Outline the amount of interaction the position will have with other employees. If the position is isolated with little contact, or requires the employee to work in close proximity of other employees, you must make that clear.
  • Outline the amount of interaction the position will have with clients, office staff, suppliers, etc. Most positions will have limited contact with most other connections, however, it is best to outline the amount for each area.
  • Define the level and amount of decision making required for the position. Those looking for direction will not want to take a position where they will need to make decisions on the spot, and those looking for more responsibility will not be comfortable taking a position where they never make a decision.
  • Outline if any presentation skills will be needed. For example, will they need to present their final work product to a foreman or the client?  Will they be required to present ideas to the owner of the company?  Be clear about any types of presenting needed for the position.
  • Clearly outline the required dress code. Uniforms, dress pants, hard hat, etc.  It should be clear what type of apparel will be required for the position.  If there are certain situations that require a different dress code, make sure that is clear.

Use keywords throughout your employee positional profile, such as detail-oriented, sales-oriented, friendly, good communicator, etc.  These words will help to define the specific role and what will be required in the position.  As the EPP becomes more popular, consider adding it to your hiring process.

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