Regardless of whether your construction company is hiring for a single open position or looking to quickly scale, you may want to consider a hiring manager. 

Many people incorrectly think that this type of position is only needed for large companies, or for those that are more specialized. However, hiring managers can be a great resource for companies of all shapes and sizes. These are professionals who are experienced at finding the best candidates who can complete the necessary work today, and also help the company grow in the future. 

You might be thinking, “Who knows my company better than me? Shouldn’t I be the one to make these hiring decisions?” 

While you should certainly be providing input as to how you would like your company to evolve and the needs that you currently have, there may be circumstances where it’s best to have a professional come in to help you with the process. For example:  

You might not have the time

If you are managing a company, there are probably about a million and one things that you are focused on. Hiring decisions take considerable time and research. If you try to rush the process, there’s a good chance that you fill the position with someone who is either unqualified or otherwise not the best match. Which, down the line, could end up costing you even more. For this reason, it makes sense to have someone who can dedicate their full attention to this important process. 

You might not have the expertise

Just because you know how to run a construction company does not mean that you are well versed in all of the different qualifications and skills that are needed to complete the various roles and positions. And, even if you are, it doesn’t mean that you know what it takes for someone to be a good fit on a personal level. The best fit for your company will involve more than just the things that are listed on a resume. A qualified hiring manager looks at the details as well as the bigger picture to find the perfect match for both the team and the company. 

You might not be the daily manager 

More often than not, the owner of the company is not the one who is interacting with and managing employees on a daily basis. For instance, just because you think that someone would be a good fit, doesn’t mean that the foreman does. By entrusting this decision to those that will be working with the team on a daily basis, you are giving them ownership and responsibility; those who have a part in the hiring decisions will be dedicated to the success of new teammates. 

Start Building Your Future, Today

A hiring manager is yet another expense, and you definitely need to consider your bottom line. But keep in mind that making better hires can greatly reduce your turnover rate and improve your overall efficiency and output. That’s just to say that this position can quickly pay for itself. 

You may also want to consider bringing in a hiring manager on a part time basis, or as a consultant during periods of growth and expansion. Either way, it is a position that you should seriously consider for the future and wellbeing of your company.  


Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash