How to Set Your Business Up for Success in the New Year

A new year is essentially a fresh start—not just for individuals, but for companies as well. It’s your chance to check in on all of [...]

3 Major Ways Complaining Kills Office Productivity

Sure, we all have complaints about work, but there are productive and unproductive ways to express this frustration. When an individual or team begins to [...]

How to Motivate Yourself After Failure at Work

Maybe you lost a major account, slumped in this quarter’s sales figures, or perhaps you were even fired for mishandling a situation. Failure at work [...]

Home Construction Boom Benefits Manufacturers and Consumers Alike

The Commerce Department reported an 11 year high this May in housing starts which, despite thirty year mortgage rates increasing, puts manufacturers on solid ground. [...]

Anger Management Strategies to Use in the Office

Your daily office life can be stressful and our emotions can get the best of us. There are many stressors in the workplace - unpleasant [...]

Improve Safety Without Sacrificing Productivity

A common misconception in the construction industry is that to improve safety, you must sacrifice productivity.  This is simply not true.  With the immerging technology [...]

How Construction Managers Improve Productivity

On a construction job, we take pride in how many things we can get done at once. Safety professionals panic when we share this dirty [...]

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