Making yourself attractive to hiring managers is important whether you are looking for a career move within your organization or are hoping to change employers or industries. If you do not know how to effectively present yourself in person, on your resume or online, you are less likely to be noticed by key decision makers.

Hiring managers know that great talent is in high demand, especially in the construction industry. They realize that their next best hire may not be someone who is currently working in their industry, but still possesses the types of skills they are seeking. For this reason, hiring authorities are always on the lookout for active and passive candidates regardless of whether or not they have a particular vacancy to fill.

To capitalize on any new opportunities, you need to be attractive to those with hiring power. It is imperative that these individuals understand why you are the best person for the position you already hold, and for any future position you may apply for.

The first question asked in nearly every interview is: “Why you feel that you are a good fit for this position?” In a formal interview setting, you will have no doubt prepared a well thought out answer. However, to become a magnet for hiring managers, you need to be prepared to answer this question outside of an interview, during casual conversations.

Your ‘why’ explains what you do. It is your personal career mission statement. It is what drives you and makes you excited about your career. It makes you a great person to work with and embodies your work style. It includes the specific steps you take to make the company and industry you work in better.

To become highly attractive to hiring managers, take some time to really think about your ‘why.’ Consider how you would apply this passion to your ideal job. Once you have solidified these thoughts, update your LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter to include your personal mission statement.

Knowing why you do what you do and being able to effectively articulate that will instantly make you more attractive to hiring managers, regardless of whether or not you are actively seeking a new opportunity.


Photo by The 77 Human Needs System on Unsplash