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How to Motivate Yourself After Failure at Work

Maybe you lost a major account, slumped in this quarter’s sales figures, or perhaps you were even fired for mishandling a situation. Failure at work [...]

Why Your Office Sexual Harassment Policy Is Falling Short 

This is a topic that has gotten a lot of attention in recent months, as news articles continue to uncover just how frequently workplace harassment [...]

4 Major Ways Your Company Can Create an Engaged Work Staff

Company culture is something that everyone brings up about during the hiring process. Talk to any current or potential employee and they will tell you [...]

4 Effective Ways to Deal with Difficult People in the Office

It doesn’t matter what company you work for, what industry you are in, or the number of people that you interact with on a regular [...]

The 5 Things Keeping You From Making Better Decisions

Making decisions can be difficult, even those that appear to be simple and straightforward. Consider the various factors that can hinder this process, and take [...]

How Social Media Can Help Attract Strong Job Candidates

Social media isn’t just for catching up with old friends from high school or sharing the latest viral video. Today, we basically live online, and [...]

3 Major Reasons You Need to Schedule a Vacation from Work

One of the benefits of working in a position for longer is that you rack up more vacation days over time. This is obviously a [...]

Common Interview Mistakes and How to Fix Them

When you hear “interview mistakes” you might immediately focus on the candidate—after all, they are the ones trying to land the job. But it’s definitely [...]

How Technology Is Shaping the Future of Construction

The construction industry today is likely almost unrecognizable compared to what it looked like just a few generations ago. Today, projects are able to be [...]

Why You Should Build a Career in Construction

Whether you are looking for a change of careers or to enter the job market, the construction industry offers a wide range of opportunities and [...]

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