Perfection is elusive, but almost perfect could be sitting right in front of you. Our decision process-making process impacts our ability to hire great talent. Every hiring manager is seeking the perfect candidate and in doing so, highly qualified candidates are passed over.

The construction professional is in more demand and shorter supply than ever before. Speed is KEY when skilled talent is in such short supply. We have also changed the way we work in the construction industry over the past 5 years, and the cost of a bad hire makes a much larger impact. For these reasons many companies have slowed down their decision making processes waiting for the “perfect” candidate. While seeking the elusive candidate, many WELL-qualified candidates are overlooked or put on hold.

There will always be training with any new employee. If you have a candidate that has eight out of ten of your desired skills, don’t discount them. By the time you find “Mr. / Ms. Perfect” your “Mr. / Ms. ALMOST Perfect” can be hired, trained and groomed to be very effective in the role.

The truth is, right now in construction, candidates actively seeking new opportunities will receive an average of 3 offers. If quick decisions are not made, that perfect or almost perfect candidate will be lost to your competitor and no one wants to settle for their second or third choice.

Take a good look at what your opening requires and don’t hesitate on making an offer to the candidate that is a good, thought maybe not perfect, fit for the position.