For many construction workers, the interview is often very intimating, and when asked the question, tell me about yourself, there is often silence.  Answering this dreaded interview question keeps many skilled construction workers away from great jobs.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are asked this question and easy ways you can answer it:

  • Think of answering this interview question as if you are telling a story about you. Think about your skills, your training, your projects and jobs you have completed.  Telling your story is all about explaining to the hiring manager your value and how you will benefit them on the job.  Start with simple facts, add in some accomplishments, and then finish with your goals.
  • As you think about answering this interview question, think of ways you can tie in your experiences to the job you are applying for. When you are able to tie them into your story, showing how you would benefit them, it allows them to relate easier to your set of skills.
  • Keep your story to 1-2 minutes. If your story is too long, you will lose the attention of the interviewer, however, if your story is too short, you may miss an opportunity to gain their attention.  You will want to give the hiring manager just enough information to have them asking for more!

While construction workers are not the only ones that have trouble answering the dreaded interview question about telling your story, you do not have to struggle with your answer any longer.  Follow these simple tips and practice.  Take the time to practice your answer and you will find that during your interview, you will be able to answer this interview question without hesitation and get the attention you deserve for the job.

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