If you own or manage a small construction company, you know that team motivation is critical to things like productivity and efficiency. Not to mention, it can reduce rates of burnout and turnover. Basically, it can make or break your business.

In this article, we will go over some ways that you can successfully inspire a group of diverse employees to connect to the team spirit and put forth their best collective effort.

Conduct team-building exercises

I know that this may sound a little corny, but it is really important that your employees get to know one another. This helps create a culture of trust and support – two powerful pillars of productivity. Before starting on a new project, consider at least doing a few activities where the team can begin to bond.

Offer benefits and rewards

Many of us need to be motivated by more than just a pat on the back. Talk to your employees to determine what sort of things they are most enthused about – and keep in mind that this could vary greatly between people. Some may care much more about having flexible work hours or access to childcare, while others are willing to put in extra effort for a chance at a cash prize.

Communicate better and often

Daily meetings, even for just five or ten minutes, can make a huge difference in team productivity. This reminds your employees that you are actively involved and keeping an eye on their performance. Just knowing that “someone is watching” can be a big motivator. Having an open-door policy is also a good way for you to keep a pulse on the overall sentiment of the team.

Consider employees’ strengths and interests

One of the greatest ways that you can motivate your employees is to demonstrate to them that you are invested in their personal career growth. When it comes to delegating tasks, consider not only who has the background experience, but also who wants that background experience. Is there a way that they can participate and learn on the job? Are there opportunities for classes or seminars that could help them grow their skills?

Set a good example

Perhaps the simplest (but most powerful) strategy, if you want your team to care about the job and put forth their best effort, is for management to first lead by example. Consider this: whatever you expect from your employees, you should first demand it of yourself.


Photo by Pablo de la Fuente on Unsplash